Teachers Take Rally to the Streets

MEDFORD, Ore. – Saturday morning teachers and supporters ditched the picket lines and went mobile, carrying their message on cars to get bargaining back on track. “It feels empty without the teachers,” said South Medford High School Junior Ivan Lopez. “It doesn’t feel the same.” The two sides are scheduled for a check-in with the … Continue reading »

StrikeWatch: Sheriff’s Office Security

RUCH, Ore. — As the strike continues, Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies are out securing safety at schools outside the city limits. The areas are also being closely guarded by district security. Sheriff’s deputies are on patrol outside the entrance of Ruch Elementary School and Griffin Creek Elementary. They say they’ve been out there, off and … Continue reading »

Honkers’ Tickets Dismissed

MEDFORD, Ore. — Those who drove by Griffin Creek Elementary on Monday, and received a ticket from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to show support for the teachers, won’t have to worry about paying the fine. The sheriff’s office has requested the tickets be dismissed because they were written under the wrong offense. The citations … Continue reading »

A.P. Students Concerned About Exam

MEDFORD, Ore. — North Medford High School offers more than 20 advanced placement and college credit courses. More than 3,000 college credits are earned at North every year, but with instruction time being cut down in the classroom, students worry about the outlook of their advanced courses. While South Medford High School teachers picketed through … Continue reading »

Students Walk Out During 1st Day Back

MEDFORD, Ore. — North Medford High School teachers sang the Black Tornado fight song as they watched their students file into school for the first time since the strike began. “It’s kind of interesting seeing our school over there and all of our teachers over here,” said North Medford students Halli and Mya Roussell. “I’m … Continue reading »

Parents Say Schools Won’t Let Them In

MEDFORD, Ore. – Denzil Guy plays video games on the back porch of his Medford home. His first day of class will go on without him. “I’m not going to let my child go anywhere that I don’t make sure it’s a safe environment for him,” said his mother, Faye. Denzil is seven years old … Continue reading »

Picket Supporters Cited for Beeping Horn

MEDFORD, Ore. – A warning sign awaits drivers at Griffin Creek Elementary. Those heeding it drive by silently, some rolling down their windows to yell “honk.” “Just wave, thumbs up, hi, smile, whatever. Just don’t honk,” said 6th grade teacher Jim Finnigan. As the strike wears on, law enforcement agencies are responding to more reports … Continue reading »

Substitute Explains Decision to Teach

MEDFORD, Ore. — Substitutes have been brought in from all over the state and went through orientation this weekend to prepare for students to return Tuesday. NewsWatch 12 was able to sit down with one of the substitutes hired by the Medford School District during the strike, but due to security and safety concerns, she … Continue reading »

Parents Hold Counter-Picket

MEDFORD, Ore. – One group of parents is staging a counter-picket in response to the teachers. The group, which formed through Facebook, met Monday morning outside the district headquarters holding signs urging support for the students. The organizers of the demonstration say many parents feel pressured to fully support to teachers. They argue people should be … Continue reading »

Teachers Send Message to Substitutes

MEDFORD, Ore. – While negotiating continues, some union members are sending a message to substitutes by picketing in front of their hotels. While the district hasn’t revealed how many substitutes have been brought in to teach classes during the strike, many of them arrived Saturday. In order to get into their rooms, subs have to … Continue reading »

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