Passengers Say Accident Caused Delay

MEDFORD, Ore. — People trying to get to L.A. finally arrived after a delay of about 6 hours at the Medford Airport. Before they boarded, passengers say something ran into their plane. Passengers said they heard about the incident from an Allegiant employee, but no one from the airport was able confirm any details. Passengers … Continue reading »

Medford Airport Displays Oval Office

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Airport may be thousands of miles away from Washington D.C., but it still offers visitors a chance to sit in the oval office. On Presidents Day, the airport opened up their replica oval office to visitors for no cost. Some children with the day off of school soaked up every … Continue reading »

Plane Practice for Disabled Travelers

MEDFORD, Ore. — Saturday evening, 26 families with special needs checked through security, waited at their gate and prepared to board a plane all for practice for the families and the flight crews. “This is really beneficial for us to see whether he was capable of going on a long run or not,” said Phil … Continue reading »

Medford Airport Unveils New TSA App

MEDFORD, Ore. – This holiday season, the TSA is hoping to make your travels a little easier, with a smartphone app. The Medford TSA unveiled the application at the Rogue Valley International Medofrd Airport on Tuesday, during a meeting set to give the public holiday travel tips. It’s called “My TSA,” and it lets you … Continue reading »

Medford Airport Display Confiscated Item

MEDFORD, Ore. – On Tuesday, TSA and the Medford Airport displayed some items that have been surrendered by passengers as they passed the the gates in the last year. Items such as knives, a hatchet, and even nun-chucks, have shown up in luggage of those flying out of the Rogue Valley. TSA officials recommend going … Continue reading »

Holiday Air Travel From Medford Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. – The weather could affect not only the roads, but the skies as well. The Medford Airport expects 200 to 300 more passengers than on a typical day. On Tuesday, the San Francisco airport saw 81 canceled flights and numerous other delays, but Medford Airport Manager Bern Case says, so far, everything has … Continue reading »

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