Snow Storm Having Little Local Impact

MEDFORD, Ore. (CNN) — The snow storm making a mess of people’s travel plans on the East Coast isn’t impacting local travelers – at yet. According to Rogue Valley International Airport Director Bern Case, anywhere from 60 to 100 people travel from Medford to the eastern seaboard a day through connecting flights. So far, none … Continue reading »

FBI Focusing on Laser Pointer Incident

MEDFORD, Ore. — The FBI is investigating an incident of a laser strike against an Allegiant Air plane flying into Medford on New Year’s Day. Reports indicate the plane flew from Los Angeles to the Rogue Valley International Airport on January 1 and the incident happened while the plane was flying over the Siskyou Pass … Continue reading »

Tanker Base Honors Former Commissioner

MEDFORD, Ore.– The air tanker base at the Medford Airport is getting a new name. A sign was revealed this Wednesday afternoon, recognizing the late County Commissioner, Jack Walker. Twelve years ago, the U.S. Forest Service was considering closing the base at the Medford Airport and moving it to Klamath Falls. Jack Walker lead the … Continue reading »

Medford Airport Continues Fog Seeding

MEDFORD, Ore. — The dense fog is hanging around the airport for another day… prompting another day of fog seeding. The Rogue Valley International Airport announced Friday morning that it will be sending out its fog seeding balloon to clear the skies for flights, which will make for slippery sidewalks and roadways around the area. … Continue reading »

Roads Remain Slick During Morning Hours

MEDFORD, Ore. – Roads around the airport still had a layer of snow on them Wednesday morning. Medford Police and State Troopers advised drivers to driver carefully and slowly in areas that remain slick. According to a Medford Airport Authority press release, the airport did not conduct fog seeding Wednesday morning – but it said it was … Continue reading »

Fog Leads to Crashes Near Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. – Several cars crashed along a very icy Biddle Road Tuesday morning as the airport conducted fog seeding, and now it has airport officials and road crews examining its communication procedures. Around 9 a.m., Medford Police, firefighters, and ambulances responded to Biddle Road south of the airport after several cars crashed and spun … Continue reading »

Fog Seeding at Medford Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. — Some thick early morning fog caused a few delays at the Medford Airport on Thursday, but workers conducted fog seeding to improve the visibility. Four flights from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Salt Lake City were delayed Thursday morning. Airport workers sent up their fog-seeding balloon early this morning, which improved visibility … Continue reading »

Security Guards on Duty at Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. — Security guards are now on duty instead of police at the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport. The airport has used the Medford Police Department for six years, but making this switch is saving the airport a little over $150,000. The new security guards began on Sunday. They are from Rams Specialized Security … Continue reading »

Commissioner Strikes Deal With County

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Airport is about to grow by about two acres. Jackson County Commissioner John Rachor is an experienced pilot and has a hangar on about two acres of land just outside the airport. Since he no longer has a helicopter and only has an airplane, he has no access to the … Continue reading »

Airport: Record Number of Passengers

MEDFORD, Ore. — A record number of people traveled through the Medford Airport in May. Thursday afternoon, the airport calculated the numbers and found the number of people flying last month was up 3.12 percent year-to-year. The total number of air passengers in Medford: 57,926, an all-time high. At this pace, the airport says it’s … Continue reading »

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