Fog Leads to Crashes Near Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. – Several cars crashed along a very icy Biddle Road Tuesday morning as the airport conducted fog seeding, and now it has airport officials and road crews examining its communication procedures. Around 9 a.m., Medford Police, firefighters, and ambulances responded to Biddle Road south of the airport after several cars crashed and spun … Continue reading »

Fog Seeding At Medford Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. — The freezing fog is making it difficult for planes to take off. A solution to clear it out is now causing problems for drivers. People from Eagle Point to Ashland experienced snow fall Thursday morning, but it was all man-made. Airport officials are fog seeding at the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport. Out … Continue reading »

Medford Airport Seeding Fog

MEDFORD, Ore. — A sheet of snow covered north Medford on Wednesday morning, but it wasn’t from Mother Nature. The man-made snow started falling around 9 a.m. as the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport started its first round of fog seeding. For areas around the airport that meant snow. The Medford airport says it was … Continue reading »