Mary Jane’s Attic Officially Closed

MEDFORD, Ore. — Mary Jane’s Attic is officially closed until at least July. Mary Jane’s Attic had its business license revoked by the City of Medford at the beginning of the year for running Mary Jane’s Basement. The Basement is a medical marijuana dispensary which is not allowed under Medford’s moratorium. The city’s decision was upheld … Continue reading »

Mary Jane’s Attic Stays Open

MEDFORD, Ore. — Mary Jane’s Attic in Medford will be staying open, at least for now. On Tuesday, its owner and lawyer filed motions to get their business license back because a judge revoked it.  Last week a Jackson County Circuit Court judge upheld the Medford City Council’s decision to invalidate that business license because … Continue reading »

Mary Jane’s Awaiting Appeal Ruling

MEDFORD Ore. — A ruling in the appeal of the Rogue Valley’s first state approved medical marijuana dispensary is expected within just a few days. Yesterday, the city and owner of Mary Jane’s Attic and Basement argued their case before a judge. Mary Jane’s had to close about a month ago when the city revoked … Continue reading »

Mary Jane’s Basement Gets State Approval

MEDFORD, Ore. — Mary Jane’s Basement is the first medical marijuana dispensary in the Rogue Valley to earn state approval from the Oregon Health Authority. The owner received the license Monday. However, though they have the go ahead from the state, the city of Medford will still not issue Mary Jane’s Basement a business license under … Continue reading »

Mary Jane’s Attic to Reopen After Court

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford’s Mary Jane’s Attic is celebrating a court victory today. The court ruling allows Mary Jane’s Attic to reopen, but marijuana will be out of the business plan. The judge ruled that the Attic could continue to sell its other products, but marijuana will not be permitted to be sold. The City … Continue reading »

Mary Jane’s Attic Could Lose License

MEDFORD, Ore. — An ongoing fight over whether a Medford business called “Mary Jane’s Attic” can operate is headed to the city council. Late last week, the city finance director upheld an earlier decision to revoke their business license. Mary Jane’s Attic, and its twin business, Mary Jane’s basement, both operate under the same business … Continue reading »

Mary Jane’s Attic to Lose License

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford business is accused of illegal activity and the city of Medford is revoking its business license. Mary Jane’s Attic on Barnett Road is appealing the city manager’s decision. The Medford Police Department, which served the notice, didn’t elaborate on the exact kind of illegal activity involved in this case. The … Continue reading »