Cities Talk Marajuana Regulations

ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Big moves have been made for medical and recreational marijuana in Oregon over the last few years. With all of the rumors and hearsay about what new marijuana laws mean in Oregon, some local cities are looking for information about how they can regulate cannabis. The Oregon League of Cities is trying … Continue reading »

Council Considers Pot Plant Smell

MEDFORD, Ore., — For the first time since voters legalized recreational marijuana use, the Medford City Council is discussing how Measure 91 will impact neighborhoods within the city limits. Beginning July 1st a person in Oregon can grow up to 4 marijuana plants on their own property.  The city has several nuisance ordinances in place … Continue reading »

Jackson County Election Results

MEDFORD, Ore. — Voters in Jackson County Tuesday passed 15-133 with 64 percent of the vote. The results are not official. The vote will authorize a tax of up to 25 percent on the sale of medical and recreational marijuana products.The Jackson County Board of Commissioners would set the actual tax rate. The tax would … Continue reading »

Marijuana Listening Session in Ashland

  ASHLAND, Ore.–  The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will be in Ashland on Wednesday listening to what residents think about recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana will be legal beginning July 1, but laws to regulate it are still being created. The tour started in Baker City last month and has stopped in several areas to find … Continue reading »

Driving Drunk Takes a Back Seat to Pot

CNN – Drunken driving is down nationally, but a new study finds impaired drivers are still getting behind the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted an anonymous roadside survey of drivers across the U.S. Researchers found that drunken driving was down by a third from the last test conducted seven years ago, and … Continue reading »

Leaders Discuss Marijuana Taxing

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — In March, Jackson County will asks voters if medical and non-medical marijuana should be taxed in the county. This will be a special election, paid for by the county. The election could cost up to $100,000 in county funds. Commissioners say if the tax is approved, those tax dollars will be a quick return … Continue reading »

Legislators Plan to Talk Marijuana

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Oregon House and Senate return to Salem on Monday to start their five-month-long legislative session. One of the most significant topics that will likely be talked about is marijuana in the state. Oregon voters decided to legalize recreational pot in the November election. Now it’s up to the Oregon Liquor Control … Continue reading »

Legal Marijuana In the Workplace

COLORADO — Oregon is looking for ways to regulate its soon to be legal recreational marijuana industry, and one of the issues that could come up is marijuana in the workplace. That issue is becoming a topic of conversation in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is already legal. Under state law, employers do not need to … Continue reading »

Looking for Input on Recreational Pot

PORTLAND, Ore.– The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is asking people to fill out an online survey about their concerns and hopes for recreational marijuana. People have until January 12th to share their input about the coming legal market this July 1st. OLCC leaders said this will help the agency plan a statewide listening tour. Those plans … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Prohibition

  Grants Pass, Ore.–The passage earlier this month of a statewide ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana comes almost exactly a hundred years since the prohibition of alcohol.  Oregon was one of the first states to outlaw alcohol. But by the time Oregon voters got a chance to vote whether to outlaw alcoholic beverages, some southern … Continue reading »

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