Mary Jane’s Attic/Basement Loses Case

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford business wanting to distribute medical marijuana to cardholders will not be able to keep its business license. Today, the Jackson County Circuit Court upheld the city council’s decision to revoke the business license of Mary Jane’s Attic/Basement. The court supports the council’s conclusion that the business owners engaged in unlawful … Continue reading »

Medical Marijuana Bill Heads To Governor

ASHLAND, Ore. — With the signature of the governor, medical marijuana dispensaries will become legal in the state of Oregon.  This will make Oregon the 13th state where marijuana can be sold in retail establishments. Currently, people who possess medical marijuana cards can either grow marijuana or hire someone to grow for them.  There are … Continue reading »

Medical Marijuana Laws Up for Debate

MEDFORD, Ore. – As medical marijuana advocates raise money for legal fees for those arrested in the recent raids, lawmakers are considering changes to the states’ laws. Senator Alan Bates is one of the architects for a bill that would create a state-run network of medical marijuana dispensaries. He says current laws are unclear to … Continue reading »