Mary Jane’s Attic Owners Gather Support

MEDFORD, Ore. — A medical marijuana dispensary is appealing to Medford city leaders to regain its business license, and is now gathering support from the community. The owners of Mary Jane’s Attic have taken out advertisements asking supporters to attend Thursday’s city council meeting in support of the business. In September, the city revoked the … Continue reading »

New Marijuana Laws, Same Black Market

MEDFORD, Ore. – Washington and Colorado are just days away from unveiling the country’s first legal marketplaces for marijuana. In just a few months, Oregon will be opening up its first medical marijuana dispensaries. But both marijuana advocates and police agree there will be much more drama to come on the law enforcement side. They … Continue reading »

Discussion Continues on Dispensary Laws

MEDFORD, Ore. – As the state prepares to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries, some cities are fighting back. Medford and Tualatin both plan to try and stop dispensaries within city limits. Now, Rules Advisory Committee members are debating how to respond. Monday, the Rules Advisory Committee that forms dispensary laws will discuss, among other things, what … Continue reading »