Postal Service Announces Cutbacks

MEDFORD, Ore. — The United States Postal Service announced plans to cut back to 5 days of mail delivery per week beginning this August. These changes however will not impact package delivery or PO boxes. Officials with the United States Postal Service say they took businesses who rely on sending packages to customers into consideration … Continue reading »

Cyber Monday Helping Local Business Grow

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Black Friday craze is shifting to Monday as shoppers head online to snag some deals on Cyber Monday. LoopRope is one of many companies offering their products at discounted prices. The owner told NewsWatch12 that Cyber Monday is a day where it’s helped his company and customer base grow. “We’ve got … Continue reading »

Loop Rope Gets ‘Good Morning America’ Boost

By Steven Sandberg MEDFORD, Ore. — A local company gets a national spotlight and it leads to one of the busiest and most lucrative days the company has ever had. Last week, Loop Rope, based in Medford, contacted Good Morning America about having their product featured on the show. The producers said there wasn’t time … Continue reading »

CEOs Slam Oregon, Oregon Ranks 42nd In Business

By Bryan Navarro MEDFORD, Ore. — Local companies call Oregon paradise, but CEO’s across the country rank Oregon as one of the worst states to do business in. Oregon dropped 9 spots in one year, falling to 42nd overall. A survey of 650 CEO’s across the country found the state undesirable. For Jeff Dahl at … Continue reading »