Landslide Closes Road Near Swisshome

NEAR SWISSHOME, Ore. — Debris from a landslide shut down a section of Stagecoach Road northeast of Mapleton this weekend. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday a person living near Stagecoach Road reported a section of the road covered with debris after a landslide. Sunday afternoon a resident spent a few hours clearing the … Continue reading »

Comfort Dogs Travel to Disaster Sites

MEDFORD, Ore. — Survivors and nearby communities impacted by the Oso landslide received some help from comfort dogs. Jake and Emerson are two Golden Retrievers that travel with their handler, Daniel Sievert, to several tragedy sites. The Golden Missions of America team just spent several days in Darrington to comfort those affected by the devastating … Continue reading »

Canine Units Return from Oso Landslide

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two Jackson County search and rescue canine units have returned after helping in the Washington landslide. The teams arrived at the scene on March 31 to help search teams and worked three full days at the site. The dogs, Abby and Lily, are specially trained to track the scent of human remains. … Continue reading »