La Clinica Mobile Healthcare Expands

MEDFORD, Ore. — La Clinica is expanding its mobile healthcare unit to both North and South Medford High Schools. The goal is to make health care more accessible and affordable for students who otherwise rarely see a doctor or have a medical exam. The mobile unit already makes weekly rounds to two other Medford elementary … Continue reading »

New Changes for Healthy Start Program

MEDFORD, Ore. — A program providing families with support and education about raising their children is moving on Monday. The Family Nurturing Center will be taking over operations of the “Healthy Start” Program. Healthy Start serves about 150 Jackson County families. La Clinica has been key in the program since 1993, but it will be … Continue reading »

Local Clinic Gets Award

MEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon-based La Clinica is being recognized by a national healthcare quality organization for its patient-centered approach to care. The recognition is the first for an Oregon community health center. La Clinica found out this week that the private non-profit National Committee for Quality Assurance awarded all three primary-care La Clinica centers … Continue reading »