Both Bodies Found In Bonanza Identified

BONANZA, Ore. — A team of investigators have managed to identify a man found dead in the woods in Klamath County. Finger print comparison was used to verify that Everado Mendez-Ceja of Richmond is one of two men discovered outside of Bonanza. On Friday, the OSP Crime Lab identified the other body as Ricardo Jauregui of … Continue reading »

Body Found Near Bonanza Identified

NEAR BONANZA, Ore. — The Klamath County Sheriffs Office used fingerprints to identify one of two bodies found in the woods outside of Bonanza. Ricardo Jauregui’s family in Oakland has been notified. On October 10th, a missing person’s report was filed with the sheriff’s office for Jauregui and a second man. Everardo Mendez-Ceja of Richmond … Continue reading »

Bonanza Deaths Confirmed

BONANZA, Ore. – Two men found in the woods in Klamath County were shot to death. The Klamath County Sheriff released the cause of death Tuesday night. The two bodies were discovered last week while detectives were working another case. The sheriff’s office is still working to identify the men, but believe they may be … Continue reading »