Campos Pleads Guilty

MEDFORD, Ore. – A man accused of hitting three kids on Lozier Lane says he is guilty. Othon Campos Jr. Pleaded guilty to 3 charges of failure to perform driver duties in court Wednesday. An anonymous tip led to Campos’ arrest in early September. Campos admitted to the August 31st hit and run on Lozier … Continue reading »

Changes Coming to Lozier Lane

MEDFORD, Ore. – The city of Medford is moving forward on improvements to a road prone to accidents. Lozier Lane could become more people-friendly, safer to walk along and ride a bike on. There’s no question the road is dangerous for anyone walking or biking; there’s no bike lane and only a very slim shoulder. … Continue reading »

Hit-and-Run Suspect Arraigned

MEDFORD, Ore. – The man accused of hitting three children with his car in a hit-and-run crash was arraigned in Jackson County Court. The 36-year-old man made his first appearance in front of a judge on Wednesday morning. Othon Campos was seen on a video link from the Jackson County Jail. The judge appointed a … Continue reading »

Family of Hit and Run Victim Speaks Out

MEDFORD, Ore. – An anonymous tip has lead to the arrest of a man who deputies say hit three kids walking on a busy Medford street. Investigators tracked the driver down to his home around noon on Tuesday. Deputies say 42-year-old Othon Campos, Jr. struck three kids on Lozier Lane. They were sent to the … Continue reading »

Hit and Run Suspect Arrested

MEDFORD, Ore. – An anonymous tip has lead to the arrest of a man who hit three kids walking on a busy Medford street. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says an anonymous tip led them to the home of 42-year-old Othon Campos, Jr. Campos admitted to the hit-and-run and was arrested. The kids were sent … Continue reading »

Hit-and-Run Highlights Road Changes

MEDFORD, Ore. –  Jackson County officials said, several decades ago, Lozier Lane was more of a rural area. Overtime, it’s become urbanized with bicyclists and pedestrians using the narrow road along with vehicles. For several years, the city and county have been working on widen the road and they are getting close to a design. … Continue reading »

Driver Crashes Into a Crowd of Kids

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office wants your help finding the driver responsible for hitting three children on Lozier Lane and then fleeing the scene. A group of five children walked along the 500 block of Lozier Lane at approximately 11 p.m. Friday. Witnesses say the driver hit the children and kept … Continue reading »