Garwood Sentenced for Kidnapping

MEDFORD, Ore.– The man sentenced last week for trying to kidnap and strangle his girlfriend, will spend about 4 years in prison. Jarrod Garwood was sentenced, Tuesday, for one felony count of attempted kidnapping and three misdemeanor charges of assault, domestic abuse, and resisting arrest. Attorneys said he will serve at least two years of … Continue reading »

Talking About Strangers with Kids

MEDFORD. Ore. — In recent months there have been a handful of attempted kidnappings.  It’s a reminder that talking to your child about strangers is important. Dr. Mary Murdoch with Southern Oregon Pediatrics said the most important thing your child needs to know is to never approach a stranger’s car without a parent’s permission. “If … Continue reading »

Suspects Facing Robbery and Kidnapping

MEDFORD, Ore.– Two people are behind bars after kidnapping and robbing another man and then eluding officers, according to Medford Police. Medford Police said they got a call from a 20-year-old man hours after he claimed Roman Santiago and another man made him get in his car while he was walking down McAndrews, Tuesday. The … Continue reading »

Grants Pass Attempted Kidnapping

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Grants Pass police responded to an attempted kidnapping Monday afternoon in the Northeastern section of town. The father of a nine year old boy called the incident in after his son got off his school bus and a man reportedly pointed a semi-automatic hand gun in the child’s face, demanding he … Continue reading »

Attempted Kidnapper Behind Bars

MEDFORD, Ore. — Jiu jitsu and self defense instructor Pete Loncarevich hits the mat and practiced self defense moves with his daughter Madison Sunday afternoon. Loncarevich said women take his classes for a variety of reasons but personal safety is usually a common theme. “There’s a number of reasons why they come. Sometimes to build their … Continue reading »