Pet of the Week: Tex

Tex is a very energetic kitten. He is very active and busy, mostly due to being raised in a foster home with his six other siblings. It’s important to be aware of the amount of energy a kitten has and the attention required of their owner. C.A.T.S. described kittens as generally being, “a 2-year-old in a fur … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Penelope

Penelope is part chihuahua and has a new little cute coat from Christmas. She’s a sweet girl, loves to snuggle and is well-trained and house-broken. Penelope is also a little shy and would probably do best in a quiet home. Jackson County Animal Shelter 5595 South Pacific Highway 541-774-6654 Mon- Fri: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Shiloh

MEDFORD,  Ore. — Shiloh is a beagle-chihuahua mix and about 4 to 5 years old. As beagles are a hunting breed, he has a lot energy and endurance. Shiloh is recommended for a family who would like to take him on lots of hikes and walks. Jackson County Animal Shelter 5595 South Pacific Highway 541-774-6654 … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Frankie

MEDFORD, Ore. — Frankie is a three-year-old all-white cat with blue eyes. He’s very energetic and very affectionate. CATS recommends keeping Frankie strictly indoors because cats with light-colored skin and fur are more susceptible to skin cancer. C.A.T.S Committed Alliance To Strays 104 N. Ross Lane Medford, OR, 97501 541-779-2916 Thurs – Sat: 11 a.m. … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Autumn

MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s Friday and that means it’s time for pet patrol. Barbara Talbert is here here from the Jackson County Animal Shelter with our pooch of the week, Autumn. Autumn is a pit bull, boxer mix and a really happy girl, who is very affectionate. She is about two years old. Foster families … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Wiley

Wiley is 5-years-old and very friendly. He’s also a talker and he’s quite heavy. If you have a pet during this holiday season, it’s important to remember to keep your pet in a backroom when having guests over, so your pet won’t be disturbed by all the extra noise. It’s also important to remember to … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Tattie

MEDFORD, Ore. — Tattie is a small, shy dog. The Jackson County Animal shelter says that when encountering dogs like Tattie, sometimes the usual greeting of sticking out your hand for a dog to sniff can be viewed as too aggressive. Therefore, sometimes it’s better to turn your back or turn to your side and … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: William Wallace

MEDFORD, Ore. — This black and white kitty got his name because his foster family thought he was so brave after dealing with a fish hook injury to both his hind paws. The original William Wallace was a legendary Scottish warrior made famous from the movie, “BraveHeart”. To find out how you can adopt cats like … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Edgar

MEDFORD, Ore. — Edgar is a whippet, which the Jackson County Animal Shelter said is a rare breed of dog. Whippets are similar to greyhounds, only smaller in size. Edgar, like many dogs of his kind, is gentle and cuddly, but also active. Due to his short hair, Edgar requires a little doggy coat during … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Dina

MEDFORD, Ore. — Dina is about 6 months old and has a sister, Katie. She’s energetic and lovable. Dina is grey and white, which means she’ll be free to adopt anytime, unlike black cats, who won’t be up for adoption until after Halloween. Like many animal shelters, C.A.T.S. has a moratorium on adopting black cats … Continue reading »

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