Does It Work: Wine Out

MEDFORD, Ore. — Clumsy or not, clothing can be ruined by a single drop of wine and a whole glass across white carpeting seems disastrous. NewsWatch 12’s Erin Maxson tests a product claiming to make wine stains disappear like magic.

Does It Work: Mighty Bite

Whether you’re on a river, a lake, or out on the ocean, the mighty bite system claims to have pros and first-timers catching trophy fish. NewsWach12’s Erin Maxson baited two local anglers, whose family has fished for generations to try out this “future of fishing” product in this week’s “Does It Work?” If you have … Continue reading »

Does It Work: The Sunny Seat

The cats at C.A.T.S. helped us test out this week’s Does It Work product. The Sunny Seat promises to hold up to 50 pounds and provide a comfortable and warm place for cats to sit while looking out the window. If you’d like to visit “C.A.T.S.”, click here.

Does It Work: Sugru

MEDFORD, Ore. — It can sometimes seem like there is a never ending list of things that break or maybe just don’t work like you want them to, and replacing or fixing items can cost money, time and sometimes sanity. In the video above, NewsWatch 12’s Erin Maxson shows us this week’s “Does It Work?” … Continue reading »

Does It Work: Pocket Hose

Summer brings all kinds of outdoor activities and chores, some easier and more pleasant than others. In this episode of “Does It Work?” Erin Maxson tests a product that claims to take the headache out of one chore, by eliminating the need to untangle and haul around a heavy garden hose.

Does It Work: Wow Cup

Sippy cups are a life-saver for parents of clumsy kids…if they work. If they don’t, they can be a nightmare. NewsWatch 12’s Erin Maxson looks at a product which touts a spout-free and spill-free option to the sippy cup. In the video above, she finds out if the Wow Cup really works.

Does It Work: Magic Mesh

MEDFORD, Ore. — Warm days and cool nights may have you opening the window or the doors, airing out the house. If you don’t have screen doors, sometimes even if you do, you can run into problems. Magic Mesh is a hands-free screen door is meant to resolve most of those problems. In the video … Continue reading »