Dan’s Garden: Planting Garlic

OSU Master Gardener Teresa Reavis has three kinds of garlic in her garden: a soft neck, a hard neck and an elephant garlic. Teresa explains that the soft neck and hard neck are kind of the same; they can be a little more pungent and kind of hot. Elephant garlic usually has a kind of … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Deadheading

Deadheading is removing spent flowers so that you can encourage the flowers to grow again. If you don’t deadhead in your garden, not only does it look ugly, but at the same time the plant doesn’t know how to generate. Remember: the flowers are coming because they want to reproduce, so if they go to … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Vertical Gardening

MEDFORD, Ore. — Sometimes there’s a lot of gardening to do, but not much room to do it in. Meteorologist Dan Pope shows us how to make the most out of the space you have. The way to do it if you have a small space, or if you’re getting a little old like some … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Maintaining Roses and Deer

MEDFORD, Ore. — If deer are a problem in your yard, you can discourage them by using all different kinds of arraignments…or maybe you can let the deer help you. Take a third of a cup of dish-washing soap, a third of a cup of Tabasco, one beef bouillon cube, three eggs and a cup … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Peaches

Sometimes we think of a peach is just a peach, but there are different varieties. There are lots of different varieties and they kind of have some different specific uses. They’re all good eating peaches. There’s not one single peach that’s good for canning or only baking that you couldn’t eat also fresh. A glowhaven … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Salsa

We think of salsa as a classic tomatoes, pepper, onion mix that we put on chips, and it’s used for a lot of things and you can make it out of just about anything; you could make it fresh. You can also can it if you have a safe approved recipe that comes from OSU … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Solar Cooking

MEDFORD, Ore. — In this segment, we’re going to do some sun drying! What you need is an old window screen. You need to make sure it’s plastic not metal because metal will interact with the foods. And you need to scrub it really clean before you use it. Whatever you’re going to dry just … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Summer Squash

MEDFORD, Ore. — The problem this time of year with summer squash is the massive amount of variety. There are so many wonderful things that can happen with this beautiful, versatile crop. It can be diced, sliced, frozen, shredded and frozen, pickled, dehydrated for a winters scoop; it can be eaten raw. The bad part … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Bugs

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gardening is sometimes difficult because sometimes you just don’t know how or what to plant to keep those bugs away. OSU Master Gardener Laurin Parker explains that if you don’t want to use chemicals, and you want something that’s going to keep the bugs out, you can actually find plants that will … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Liquid Fertilizer

MEDFORD, Ore. — This time of year, you probably want to use some liquid fertilizer because it’s absorbed faster. On every package, there are three numbers: the first number is the nitrogen, second number is the phosphorous, and the third number is the potassium. The easy way to remember which is which is remember they’re … Continue reading »

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