Amateur Athlete: Jake Roberts

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — In just four years, Jake Roberts has emerged as one of the top BMX riders in the nation. “The last three years he’s been the Southern Oregon district champion,” said Pete Roberts. He started riding four years ago, and yet, he’s been racing nearly half his life. Jake is just nine … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Elise Snowden

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Southern Oregon hockey community is accepting. Drew Snowden plays for the North Medford high school team, even though he’s in eighth grade. His sibling, Elise, plays for North, even though she’s a girl. “In a sport that’s dominated by guys, she’s held her own and done really well,” said head coach … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Molly MacGowan

MEDFORD, Ore. — Molly MacGowan grew up ice skating, but gave it up early in her life to start a family. Nearly 35 years later, at the age of 62, MacGowan met up with coach Marylill Elbe and began competitively skating once again. Within a year, MacGowan won a national championship and still skates competitively … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Brock Gutches

ASHLAND, Ore. – Just three years ago, Brock Gutches thought his wrestling career was over. Unsatisfied with the daily grind of NCAA wrestling, Gutches left Boise and returned home. SOU coach Mike Ritchey was happy to bring him on board. “He was excited about it,” said Ritchey. “He felt like it would be a nice balance … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Alex Shepherd

For more on Alex’s story and progress, check out: ASHLAND, Ore. — Sports are about overcoming challenges. How athletes deal with those challenges can define who they are on the field, on the court and in life. Two years ago, at the age of ten, the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association named Alex Shepherd the … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Jasmin Falls

MEDFORD, Ore. – It’s right before a South Medford girls basketball game. Jasmin Falls is in uniform, but she’s not with the rest of the team. She’s singing the national anthem, something that’s become a tradition before Panther games. “It’s a great way for us to start the contest, seeing one of our kids get up … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Hunter Bradford

Standing at 6’6 as a freshman, Hunter Bradford was easy to notice as he was an Honorable Mention All-Skyline player for Klamath Union. During the off-season, his family moved to Medford and now Bradford suits up for South. It didn’t take long for Dennis Murphy to notice him either. “I know that his father was … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Scenic Cross Country

On Saturday the Scenic Middle School Cross Country team will compete in the Oregon Junior Olympics, which makes sense, as Scenic’s runners pretty much train like Olympic Athletes. “It’s hard,” said head coach Alex Grover. “You know, we start out in the summer. It’s 100 degrees out. We’re running every day. Kids can barely run … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Paulla Pinheiro

ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon volleyball player Renee Yomtob learned to count to 20 in Portuguese from Pualla Pinheiro. Raiders’ coach Josh Rohlfing brought the Brazilian in largely because he wanted to expand the minds of his players. “I knew that we were looking to bring in an international athlete that was going to help … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Daniel Breaux

ASHLAND, Ore. – There is a certain set of stereotypes in the game of football; violence, toughness and intensity. Daniel Breaux is not your stereotypical football player. “That’s why I draw smiley faces on my wrist tape,” said Breaux. “Just to remind myself that what I’m doing is fun and I have an opportunity to do … Continue reading »

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