Amateur Athlete: Jon Guzman

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Last year, Jon Guzman watched his teammates win the 4A State Championship. He was there, but he didn’t play. “It was tough watching them win state without me, but I’m a team player, and I was proud of them,” said Guzman. The Hornets’ coaches benched Jon before the season for what … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Halley Folsom

MEDFORD, Ore. — On April 19th at the Oregon Relays in Eugene, Halley Folsom gave the 800 meter run a try. She had raced the 800 once before and won, but this was not Halley’s main event. “We knew she had impact, but we just didn’t realize how impactful she would be, and we definitely … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Fallon Myers

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. –¬†Fallon Myers won all-around cowgirl honors in district competition in April. She earned that honor by finishing in the top five in six different events, barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping, team roping and ribbon roping. “It’s pretty important because we work so hard throughout the year,” said Myers. “It … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Jose Mena

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — At 21 years old, Jose Mena decided to pursue his childhood dream. “It was just kind of out of nowhere,” said Mena. “I always wanted to box and I just decided to go for it.” Six years later, Mena punched his ticked to the Golden Gloves National Tournament. “I always felt … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Stephanie Techler

ASHLAND, Ore. — There’s a group of outcasts in track and field. The runners run, the throwers throw and the jumpers jump. The pole vaulters are a different breed; they run, plant, bend and vault. “It is excluded from the other track disciplines,” said SOU junior Stephanie Techler, “but I think it’s just so cool … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Laci-Mae James

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fear is something gymnasts inevitably feel at some point in their careers. “It’s scary and there’s a big wall between who can and who can’t and you are either scared or you’re not,” said Laci-Mae James. “I’ve learned how to overcome literally anything and overcome fear and being completely scared standing at … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Shane Sevcik

MEDFORD, Ore. — The clean and jerk, and the snatch are two lifts Shane Sevcik works on every day. “I love the challenge, Sevcik said. “I love how fun it was, and I was pretty good at it. Naturally when you’re pretty good at it and you like it, you’re going to focus on it … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Jake Roberts

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — In just four years, Jake Roberts has emerged as one of the top BMX riders in the nation. “The last three years he’s been the Southern Oregon district champion,” said Pete Roberts. He started riding four years ago, and yet, he’s been racing nearly half his life. Jake is just nine … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Elise Snowden

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Southern Oregon hockey community is accepting. Drew Snowden plays for the North Medford high school team, even though he’s in eighth grade. His sibling, Elise, plays for North, even though she’s a girl. “In a sport that’s dominated by guys, she’s held her own and done really well,” said head coach … Continue reading »

Amateur Athlete: Molly MacGowan

MEDFORD, Ore. — Molly MacGowan grew up ice skating, but gave it up early in her life to start a family. Nearly 35 years later, at the age of 62, MacGowan met up with coach Marylill Elbe and began competitively skating once again. Within a year, MacGowan won a national championship and still skates competitively … Continue reading »

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