Brown to Continue Death Penalty Stay

SALEM, Ore. – Governor Kate Brown has said she’ll continue former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s moratorium on the death penalty. At a news conference Friday, Brown said she believes the death penalty should be re-examined. In 2011, Kitzhaber announced he would block all executions as long as he held the governorship. Brown was secretary of … Continue reading »

Kate Brown Sworn in as Oregon Governor

SALEM, Ore. — Former Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown has been sworn in as the state’s 38th governor, after former Governor John Kitzhaber officially vacated the position. At a swearing in ceremony at the House Chamber in Salem this morning, Governor Brown said she believes the people of Oregon have a right to question their trust of state … Continue reading »

Kitzhaber Commutes Single Sentence

SALEM, Ore. — On his way out of office, former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has commuted the sentence of an inmate convicted of attempted murder. The Associated Press (AP) reports the order was signed Tuesday, which will allow 25-year-old Sang Dao to be released from prison next month. According to the AP, Dao is serving … Continue reading »

Governor John Kitzhaber Resigns

SALEM, Ore. — John Kitzhaber has officially declared his resignation from the office of Governor. This comes after the controversy surrounding his fiancee Cylvia Hayes. Several  Democratic leaders in the State Capital have called for Governor John Kitzhaber to resign. They announced that the investigation into allegations of ethics and criminal violations have become too … Continue reading »

Statements Pour in Over Gov. Resignation

Multiple statements from both Republicans and Democrats have been released concerning the resignation of Governor John Kitzhaber. Many of the statements read that it is a “sad day for Oregon” and that “it is time to move on.” Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) has released the following statement on the resignation of John Kitzhaber: “This is … Continue reading »

Multiple Calls for Kitzhaber Resignation

SALEM, Ore. — Democratic leaders in the State Capital are calling for Governor John Kitzhaber to resign. They announced today the investigation into allegations of ethics and criminal violations have become too much of a distraction. It seems as though things have reached their tipping point in Salem. Some of Governor Kitzhaber’s closest colleagues say … Continue reading »

Wheeler Asks Kitzhaber to Resign

SALEM, Ore. — State Treasurer Ted Wheeler released the following statement on Governor Kitzhaber: “It is with deep sadness that I ask Governor John Kitzhaber to resign his position as Governor of Oregon. He has accomplished many great things during his long career, and history will be kinder to him than current events suggest. Unfortunately, … Continue reading »

Brown Responds to Kitzhaber Controversy

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown is speaking out about Wednesday’s controversy regarding the potential resignation of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. Kitzhaber has been the center of both ethical and criminal investigations over his fiancé Cylvia Hayes, and allegations she and the Governor used his position for personal gain. On Wednesday, Governor Kitzhaber held private … Continue reading »

Governor Supports Local Education Effort

MEDFORD, Ore. — Students file into a kindergarten classroom at Medford’s Kids Unlimited, as the teacher prepares to give a quick oral quiz. She slowly rotates a globe in front of the class as she as asks questions on their most recent curriculum, day and night cycles. “What causes nighttime as the earth spins?” asks … Continue reading »

Oregon Gubernatorial Results

SALEM, Ore. — In our state, Governor Kitzhaber takes the win for re-election. Political analysts say Kitzhaber is the winner over Representative Dennis Richardson, 49% to 45%. Kitzhaber served two non-consecutive terms from 1995 to 2003, before being elected for his current and third term. Now he will serve a fourth term and continue as … Continue reading »

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