Victorian Medical Practices on Display

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Hundreds of people visited the Beekman Residence on Saturday to learn about medical practices from the past. Acupuncturists and phrenologists were among the experts on hand to talk about Victorian medical practices. Phrenology is reportedly the science of skull reading to find out what kind of mood you’re in. Jacksonville, Inc. led … Continue reading »

Interview: Travel in the Victorian Age

MEDFORD, Ore. — This weekend, the City of Jacksonville is on the move, as it takes a look back at how people got around in the late 1800s. Whether it was via horseback, stagecoach, sailing ship, steamship, railway, or “horseless carriage,” things began rapidly changing during that time. Carolyn Kingsnorth from the Beekman House joined … Continue reading »

Beekman House Profit to Renovate Porch

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — The Beekman House tours came to a close this weekend. Officials said more than 400 people visited the historic home to experience a Victorian Christmas. “You go inside and you see it all decorated with things that the family used, it brings history alive. They can really get a sense of somebody … Continue reading »