Dogs Used in Stephanie Warner Search

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – More than a year after she was reported missing, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate Stephanie Warner’s disappearance. On Friday, Jackson County Search and Rescue teams used trained scent dogs to check several remote locations in Jackson and Josephine counties. The Sheriff’s Office says the locations are associated with Lennie … Continue reading »

Search and Rescue Dogs Receive Training

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Search and Rescue dogs are receiving special training this week to help them locate missing people. The dogs were put through a specialized course in downtown Jacksonville Friday morning and followed a scent trail toward their target. Those animals are used in search and rescue cases and for finding people who may … Continue reading »

Canine Units Return from Oso Landslide

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two Jackson County search and rescue canine units have returned after helping in the Washington landslide. The teams arrived at the scene on March 31 to help search teams and worked three full days at the site. The dogs, Abby and Lily, are specially trained to track the scent of human remains. … Continue reading »

Search and Rescue Prepared to Help

MEDFORD, Ore. – The pre-holiday storm has Jackson County Search and Rescue on the lookout for people getting lost while hunting for Christmas trees. While most of their volunteers are assigned to the roads to help drivers and cleanup crews, SAR is geared up for people getting lost searching the woods for that perfect tree. … Continue reading »

New Tech Used in Missing Person Search

MEDFORD, Ore. – The search for missing Phoenix resident James Lutter is now over after rescuers found his body in an embankment Southeast of Cottage Grove. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, which coordinated the search, is calling it a sad ending to an unprecedented, multi-agency effort. The search was conducted with new technology that rescuers say, … Continue reading »