Local Hospitals Prepare for Ebola

MEDFORD, Ore. – Jackson County health officials are preparing for what they say is a possible, but very unlikely, Ebola outbreak. The department held a news conference Thursday to address the issue. Meanwhile local health systems like Asante Rogue Regional and La Clinica are putting together personal protective equipment and holding role-play scenarios to prepare … Continue reading »

Building Exterior Faces Backlash

MEDFORD, Ore. — Some community members are complaining about the appearance of the public health building currently under construction next to City Hall. The Jackson County Public Health Department is set to be in the new building and use a team approach to serve the public. And because the building is on a fixed budget, … Continue reading »

Strep Throat Death Causes School Closure

SAMS VALLEY, Ore. — Strep throat is being blamed for the sudden illness and death of a school staff member at Sams Valley Elementary School. Because the illness came on so fast, and had such a severe result, the school was closed for cleaning Wednesday, and will remain closed Thursday. The Jackson County Public Health … Continue reading »

Doctors Warn of Measles Outbreak

MEDFORD, Ore. – Public health officials are urging people to get immunized after an outbreak of the measles. The disease, which had been eradicated roughly a decade ago, has appeared six times in Oregon this year – one more case than all of last year. Dr. Jim Shames, Medical Director of Jackson County Health and … Continue reading »

Low Supply of Flu Vaccine

MEDFORD, Ore. — People who want to get a flu shot need to act soon. Many pharmacies across the Rogue Valley said they are running out of the vaccine and some are already out of the shots. West Main Pharmacy, Ashland Drug, Phoenix Pharmacy, Valley Immediate Care, Rite-Aid and Walgreens all reported being out of … Continue reading »

Oregon Sees Jump In Flu Cases

MEDFORD, Ore. – Oregon may have its earliest flu season in the last 10 years. Health officials say they have seen a jump in diagnosed flu cases, well above the average. Cases are up in this past week, and health officials are telling people to get vaccinated. To give you an idea at how quickly … Continue reading »