County Parks Face Millions in Repairs

ASHLAND, Ore. – As he walks along a road in Emigrant Lake Park, Steve Lambert stops, stoops down, and picks up a triangle-shaped chunk of concrete. “We’re looking at pavement at Emigrant Lake that is just an inch and a half thick,” he says. As he motions with the chunk, bits crumble to the ground. … Continue reading »

End of Season Results for Parks

HOWARD PRAIRIE, Ore. — The summer camping and fishing season is over, and that means the campground and other facilities are Howard Prairie will be closing by the end of the week. This year, Jackson County cancelled the contract with its former concessionaire and decided to run things themselves. County Parks also contracted with Mt. … Continue reading »

Jackson County Parks Needing Public Input

By Sharon Ko WHITE CITY, Ore. — A new park could be coming soon to the Rogue Valley and park officials need your input. Jackson County park officials say they can see endless possibilities looking at the 13 mile stretch of the Rogue River. “From Givan Ranch Park downstream to Gold Nugget Falls, and what … Continue reading »