Suicide Rates Up After Holidays

MEDFORD, Ore. — With the holiday season gearing up, health officials say now is the time to be aware of depression among friends and family. Suicide rates typically go up right after the 1st of the year. Many people spend the holidays surrounded by family, friends, and support, and Jackson County Mental Health officials say … Continue reading »

Suicide on the Rise, But Help is There

ASHLAND, Ore. – Quin Ley digs through a nightstand full of jewelry, gently moving things aside to get to the items buried away beneath. With a sigh of relief, she pulls out two gold necklaces with attached pendants, one decorated with a heart and another with a white cat under a silver moon. The pendants … Continue reading »

New Mental Health Services On the Way

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford is preparing to receive a major upgrade to its mental health services. The changes, set to take place over the course of the Summer, coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month, which lasts through May. A celebration of mental health awareness was held in Grants Pass Friday by the non-profit Kairos. The … Continue reading »

New Mental Health Program Saving Dollars

MEDFORD, Ore. — A new service is helping the mentally ill get help quicker and it’s also saving the community thousands of dollars. That service is having a Jackson County Mental Health worker respond with police to mental health calls. The idea is to connect services immediately to someone with a mental illness instead of sending … Continue reading »

Officers Train to Help Mentally Ill

MEDFORD, Ore. — Officers in the Rogue Valley are working to better understand and help the mentally ill. This week, members from every law enforcement agency in southern Oregon are doing what’s called a ‘Crisis Intervention Training’ or CIT. Back in February, several officers and the Jackson County Mental Health department went to Salt Lake City, Utah to … Continue reading »

Mental Health: Critical Care Pt. 1

MEDFORD, Ore. — Recent shootings across the U.S. have put gun control on the forefront of a national debate but these tragedies highlight a deeper issue that’s also being thrust into the spotlight. Millions of people, children, professionals, the homeless, many truggle everyday to keep their life normal. One woman NewsWatch12’s Sharon Ko spoke with … Continue reading »