Library Measure on Ballot

MEDFORD, Ore. — A ballot measure to help keep Jackson County libraries open is set to go on to the May ballot. Jackson County Commissioners approved the plan this week. If it is passed, it would create a special county-wide library district. A property tax of 6 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value will … Continue reading »

Library Taxing District on Ballot

MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s now up to the community to decide the fate of Jackson County libraries. The city council voted in a 6 to 0 decision on Thursday afternoon for the city to be included in the special library taxing district. Residents will be able to vote on the May 2014 ballot for the … Continue reading »

Commissioners Reject Jail Surcharge

MEDFORD, Ore. — A proposed jail surcharge that could have freed up funding for libraries has been rejected by Jackson County Commissioners. Commissioners John Rachor and Doug Breidenthal voted against putting the surcharge on the November ballot, while Don Skundrick voted in favor. Rachor says his decision was based on a recent survey in which … Continue reading »

Jackson County Libraries Face Closure

MEDFORD, Ore. — Nearly all of the libraries in Jackson County could close by next year if officials cannot find additional funding. A poll of a potential surcharge that could have freed up funds to help the library showed opposition to the plan. Two year old Finn and his mother spent Wednesday at the Medford … Continue reading »