How Safe are Public Swimming Pools?

MEDFORD, Ore. – Seasonal and year-round pools are getting ready for the rush of summer swimmers. But the great fun of a pool comes with great responsibility. “We’ve learned in the past that sometimes the littlest mistake can make a big impact on the pool,” said Heather Webb, Pool Manager at America’s Best Kids. America’s … Continue reading »

Inside Day Care Inspections

MEDFORD, Ore. – A group of young kids enjoys arts and crafts time at Wee Watch ‘Em day care in Medford. A smaller group of toddlers run around in a playpen nearby. Wee Watch ‘Em is one of 84 certified day cares in Jackson County, all following a similar set of regulations. Those businesses, along … Continue reading »

How Safe is School Cafeteria Food?

MEDFORD, Ore. – Every day, the start of the lunch bell signals a mad rush. In a period of 15 minutes, hundreds of kids will go in one end of the line and out the other. The school lunch is part of one of the largest food operations in the valley. “We serve about 6,000 … Continue reading »

Inside County Food Inspections

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – From restaurants, to food trucks, to hotel breakfasts, there isn’t a single meal served in a public place that escapes the purview of county health inspectors. Restaurant inspections are the biggest part of what Jackson County Environmental Public Health does. A tiny amount of viral particles, spread from fecal matter into … Continue reading »

Inside Health Inspections, Part 1

MEDFORD, Ore – It’s inspection time for a popular Medford restaurant. Over the next half hour the inspector walks unannounced and unimpeded, clipboard in hand, through every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Every date will be checked, every cook greeted, and every food item examined. The restaurant inspection is one small part of what … Continue reading »