Law Enforcement Discuss Marijuana Future

MEDFORD, Ore. — Measure 91 passed, but marijuana will not become legal until next July. Prosecutors are now trying to decide whether it is worth moving forward on current and future marijuana violations. The Multnomah County District Attorney recently announced, prosecutors will dismiss about 50 pending cases involving marijuana violations. In the same statement, the … Continue reading »

Giving Victims of Crime a Voice

MEDFORD, Ore. – Each year thousands of people in Jackson County fall victim to crime. Suzie Jones became one of those victims four years ago when her then husband attacked her in her home. That assault sent her on overwhelming and confusing path of court dates, therapy, moving, and medical treatments.  Even the simplest of … Continue reading »

Investigators Still Quiet on Murder Case

WIMER, Ore. – Law enforcement agencies remain tight-lipped about their investigation of the property belonging to Susan Monica, as the Wimer woman faces murder charges. Monica was arrested earlier this month,a ccused of murdering and dismembering the bodies of Robert Haney and a second person whose identity has not been released. For the past 20 … Continue reading »

D.A. Employees Back to Work

MEDFORD, Ore. — Repairs are being done on the damaged D.A. building, and employees were back to work Thursday morning. Attorneys and staff members began the day working out of the grand jury building and victims support offices located across the parking lot from the damaged building. Jackson County District Attorney Beth Heckert says the … Continue reading »

FBI Sending Bomb Technicians

MEDFORD, Ore. — Federal investigators are determining if the explosion outside the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office was an act of terrorism. Several FBI and ATF bomb technicians were called to the scene on Wednesday morning. The FBI cannot release what type of evidence investigators are looking for or what has been collected so far. … Continue reading »

Heckert Sworn In As District Attorney

MEDFORD, Ore. – Beth Heckert was sworn in as Jackson County’s newest District Attorney on Monday. Now, she says, the work begins. After spending years in the office as a prosecutor, Heckert was elected D.A. in last November’s election. She replaces Mark Huddleston, who spent 32 years in the office, including 20 as D.A. Heckert … Continue reading »