Obama Authorizes More Troops to Iraq

Washington D.C. (CNN) – President Barack Obama is sending 1,500 more soldiers to Iraq to fight ISIS. This means about 3,000 American troops will be deployed there, but they won’t be physically fighting. Instead, according to officials, the soldiers will train Iraqi and Kurdish forces to battle the terrorist group. The White House also said … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Rising After Iraq Violence

MEDFORD, Ore. —  The violence in Iraq is being felt here in the US right now as gas prices push higher at a time when they are supposed to decline. The time between memorial day and the 4th of July typically comes with lower gas prices, but this year that has not been the case. Nationally, … Continue reading »

Republicans Pressure President on Iraq

Wash, D.C. — This Tuesday morning Republicans are putting pressure on the President to come up with a strategy against the extremists who are gaining ground in Iraq. The group has conquered several cities in Iraq. The Obama administration is sending almost 300 American forces in and around Iraq to help secure U.S. Assets. The … Continue reading »