ISIS, ISIL, and the Islamic State

(CNN) —   Many people are wondering about the multiple names referring to the terrorist group the President believes is posting a significant threat the U.S. interests. The President and other top leaders call it ISIL, while many others use the term ISIS, and the jihadists call themselves simply “Islamic State.” International experts say part of … Continue reading »

Obama to Send Military Advisers to Iraq

WASHINGTON – President Obama announced Thursday he is prepared to send up to 300 U.S. military advisers to Iraq to assist in training and advising Iraqi forces as the tense situation in the country continues to escalate. In a statement in the White House briefing room, President Obama said the U.S. is prepared to create … Continue reading »

President Not Sending Troops into Combat

(CNN) — The President is briefing top lawmakers today on the Iraq crisis. President Obama has decided not to use air strikes in Iraq, for now, because there is not enough information on good targets. This comes as Islamic militants continue their march toward Baghdad. The Obama Administration is sending nearly 300 troops to help … Continue reading »