HealthWatch: Exclusion Day

More than 130 students in Jackson County were taken out of school today…because their vaccination records were incomplete. That left some parents scrambling to find health clinics with openings in the middle of the week. School administrators called some parents back…almost immediately after they dropped kids off at school wednesday. Any students in oregon schools … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Flu Vaccines

(CONSUMER REPORTS) —¬† With flu season around the corner, health experts say it’s best to get vaccinated as early as possible. The standard vaccine is now free, without a co-pay or deductible. but there are other types to consider, and one vaccine doesn’t require a shot at all. Dr. Orly Avitzur with Consumer Reports says¬† … Continue reading »

Oregon Bill Could Require Immunizations

The Oregon Legislature is crafting a bill that would force parents to get their children’s immunizations. Although it is state law, a large number of parents disregard the shots for both philosophical and religious reasons. The bill would keep children out of school if they do not meet state requirements. It would also require parents … Continue reading »