Taxi Cabs Take Safety Precautions

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local cab drivers are taking new safety measures one year after the murder of cab driver Huey Huson. Some taxi cab drivers say they are scared the suspect could strike again, and are taking precautions. One driver says he changed his schedule shortly after the murder, and went from working night shifts … Continue reading »

Anonymous Letter Sent in Huson Murder

MEDFORD, Ore. — Investigators are releasing a key piece of evidence in a Medford cab driver’s murder investigation. They believe the author of an anonymous letter sent to them shortly after Huey Huson was murdered could lead them to the killer. Medford Police officers are asking the public’s help in identifying the author of that … Continue reading »

Medford Police Search For Huson Items

MEDFORD, Ore. – Investigators are releasing new details in the murder of a Medford cab driver. Police say the killer stole several items from William Huson’s car the night of his death and are asking for your help in locating the property. Investigators say the murder suspect stole three items from Huson’s car. After talking … Continue reading »

Tips On Huson Murder Pouring In

MEDFORD, Ore. – Less than 24 hours after Medford Police released surveillance photos of potential witnesses in William Huson’s murder, dozens of tips are pouring in. Police have cleared the four potential witnesses seen in those photos outside of Howie’s. Investigators are now looking into dozens of tips and going back to the scene of … Continue reading »