Police Respond To Child Stuck in Car

MEDFORD, Ore. —  When Kristin Hals was leaving a parking lot on Tuesday afternoon, she strapped her two-year-old son, Brandon Evans, in the car. She claims her car locks malfunctioned leaving Brandon stuck inside the vehicle. With temperatures in the mid-90s, Hals called 911. When police arrived, she told the officer to break the window, but he … Continue reading »

Arizona Man Creates Hot Car Alarm

PHOENIX, Ariz — With the temperatures heating up, and all of the buzz about children being left in hot vehicles, an Arizona man has come up with a way to remind drivers that their children are in the car with them. Scott McDonald created an alarm that alerts drivers when they have left their children … Continue reading »

Stores Help To Keep Kids Out of Hot Cars

(CNN) — Doctors are saying forgetting a child in a hot car is not as uncommon as some might think. They said distractions or out of routine tasks are often a common culprit. Today, Wal-Mart announced it’s stepping in to try and help. A store in Indiana is putting up signs in the parking lot … Continue reading »