Montague Rodeo Wrangles a Crowd

MONTAGUE, Calif. — This year the city of Montague is holding its annual rodeo called the State of Jefferson Stampede.  It used to be a tradition in the northern California town, but it has fizzled out over the past few years.  However, this year its back. “The younger kids all really wanted to see it … Continue reading »

Riding Beyond Helps Cancer Survivors

ASHLAND, Ore. — An equine therapy program is helping people ride beyond cancer.  Riding Beyond uses a horse to help cancer survivors or people in recovery to reconnect with the world. It’s common during the recovery period for people to not want to be touched or be around others, but trainers for Riding Beyond said … Continue reading »

Law Enforcement Horses Get De-Spooked

MEDFORD, Ore. – Mounted law enforcement got some tough love Sunday – at a horse de-spooking course. Search and Rescue and Sheriff’s Mounted Posses from multiple counties showed up to the three-day course to desensitize their horses to just about any frightening distraction imaginable. It may seem cruel, but trainers say if these horses don’t … Continue reading »

Winter Pet Safety

Megan talked with Carol Bryant from the Grange Co-op Pet Country about pet supplies. Carol shared with us that, ” a dog house for larger dogs that live outdoors make a perfect shelter outdoors. It’s easily cleaned, its not made of wood so it doesn’t absorb the moisture. A pet mat and the water bowl … Continue reading »