Dr. Shumate Visits All 19 Schools

MEDFORD, Ore. — The new Medford superintendent is spending a day in each of the 19 Medford schools, as part of an effort to familiarize himself with the district. On Tuesday, Dr. Brian Shumate took a tour of Hedrick Middle School, talked to students, and met teachers.  This is the fourth school visit for Shumate … Continue reading »

Middle School “Hunger Games” Food Drive

MEDFORD, Ore. — Students from Hedrick Middle School are donating more than 3,000 cans of food to the Salvation Army. The student council came up with the theme for this year’s food drive after “The Hunger Games” book series. All the students were sectioned off into districts. The two students who brought in the most … Continue reading »

New Technology in Hedrick Middle School

MEDFORD, Ore. — Teachers at Hedrick Middle School are using new clickers in their classroom to improve classroom participation and retention. Teachers say the new clickers will let them track the progress of their students, and they come in handy because every student participates. Sometimes teachers say they cannot tell if all of their students … Continue reading »

Police Focus On School Zone Speeders

MEDFORD, Ore. — Summer break is over and school is back in session for Medford students and early Tuesday morning, police were out in school zones making sure drivers slowed down and looked for students crossing the street. “My youngest is starting junior high so it’s a little bit scary, I have my last one … Continue reading »