Health Care Meeting at Four Daughters

MEDFORD, Ore. — Tonight, you have another chance to get some help in applying for health care insurance. You only have until March 31st to get insured. That’s why Pacific Source is holding another meeting to make sure you’re covered when the deadline hits. To get help choosing and signing up for a health plan, … Continue reading »

Insured Waiting for an Extension

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — People whose health plans were cancelled or changed because of the Affordable Care Act still do not know whether they will keep their plans, despite assurances made by the President last week. The Affordable Care Act requires insurance plans to meet certain minimum standards, but that means insurance plans that do … Continue reading »

Affordable Care Act Changes Discussed

MEDFORD, Ore. — Between 55-65,000 people in Jackson and Josephine counties do not have health insurance. Asante officials are trying to prepare those people for health care reform changes on the way through evening seminars. Health experts say these seminars will serve the thousands of local residents who say they just don’t understand what’s going … Continue reading »