A Look at Medford’s Urban Renewal

MEDFORD, Ore. — Empty storefronts and few visitors have plagued downtown Medford for years. City officials have been working to change that, but now the Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA), has spent its last few dollars for downtown projects. In the report above, NewsWatch 12’s Kasey Kershner reports on where the city is now and … Continue reading »

MURA Plan Would Revamp Hawthorne Park

MEDFORD, Ore. – An effort by the Medford Urban Renewal Agency could bring major changes to Hawthorne Park, in an effort to make it more family-friendly and cut down on crime. MURA is expected to approve a contract for a $1.6 million construction project at the park. The plan would include a dog park, basketball … Continue reading »

Construction Begins at Hawthorne Park

MEDFORD, Ore. — Bulldozers and backhoes are tearing down Hawthorne Park’s pool in what is the first step in remodeling the park. The pool was permanently closed in 2011 and has sat vacant ever since. Plans are now underway to make over not only the area where the pool once stood, but also the entire … Continue reading »

Hawthorne Park Makeover Meeting

MEDFORD, Ore. — Hawthorne Park may be approved for a new makeover this evening. Officials say they hope the new design will curb crime in the area and make it more attractive for families. The new plan includes a spray pad, basketball courts, artwork and two dog parks. The Medford Urban Renewal Agency will consider … Continue reading »

Anxieties Rise From Stabbing in Hawthorne Park

By Steven Sandberg May 9, 2011 MEDFORD, Ore. — A daytime stabbing in Medford’s Hawthorne Park has police officers picking up patrols and parents keeping a close eye. Parents say it was widely known that you avoid Hawthorne Park at night, but after a daytime stabbing, it has them looking over their shoulders. Medford police … Continue reading »

Stabbing at Hawthorne Park

  By Erin Maxson & Michael Cooper May 9, 2011 MEDFORD, Ore.  —  A disagreement in a Medford park turns violent when someone pulls a knife. Police tell NewsWatch12 one young man was stabbed in the stomach and another victim was beaten possibly with a two-by-four. Police have arrested three men as suspects in the … Continue reading »