Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

MEDFORD, Ore. — Habitat for Humanity is working to raise money to build its 56 home in the Rogue Valley. On Tuesday a fundraiser was held at Habitat for Humanity to raise awareness and money for the new addition. Vickie Salazar, the new homeowner, is ecstatic about her future new handicap accessible home. “Well I … Continue reading »

Habitat for Humanity Helps Families

MEDFORD, Ore. — More than 16% of Jackson County residents live in poverty, and Habitat for Humanity is working to improve the living conditions of those families. In the past year, the organization began building their 50th and 51st home in the Rogue Valley, and it seems the kids of those families are as thankful … Continue reading »

Habitat for Humanity Expanding Help

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity is expanding one of its programs to improve the life of low-income homeowners. Outside of the Clement household, the entire left side of their house has been redone as part of a newly built on bathroom for Bob Clement’s disabled wife. The bathroom itself contains a … Continue reading »

Habitat for Humanity Helps Family

MEDFORD, Ore. — Most people know that Habitat for Humanity helps low-income families become owners of affordable homes that they, in part, build. The specifics of the program, and how it truly impacts families, is not so well-known. Restaurateur Guillermo Sanchez stays busy with his restaurant on Riverside. “I’ve been working in the valley for … Continue reading »

Volunteer Discusses Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity helps put a roof over the heads of people in need. Clive Rainy became the organization’s very first volunteer back in 1977. In the video above, he discusses the impact of the organization. For more information, call 541-779-1983.

Habitat For Heroes House Is First In OR

MEDFORD, Ore. — Dozens were on hand Saturday morning to watch a military veteran and his family receive the keys to the first “Habitat for Heroes” house built in Oregon. “I don’t know. Scream for joy or cry for joy. It’s super exciting just knowing that my family is going to have a stable house … Continue reading »