Gun Supporters Fall Short of Senate Vote

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gun control supporters finally got their Senate vote on Wednesday but they didn’t exactly get what they wanted. President Obama said it was a shameful day in Washington, D.C. Gun control advocates couldn’t muster the 60 votes they needed. The new bill failed to pass by six votes. Gun rights advocates say … Continue reading »

Gun Safety Bills to Move Forward

SALEM, Ore. — The debate between gun control and gun rights will take the stage in Oregon. An Oregon Senate committee has just announced a package of gun safety bills which will be up for public hearings next week. One of the bills will require criminal background checks before guns can be transferred between private … Continue reading »

March Supports Tighter Gun Control

ASHLAND, Ore. — Signs supporting tighter gun control accompanied dozens of members of the One Million Moms for Gun Control Southern Oregon campaign in Ashland Saturday morning. The crowd gathered outside the Ashland Library and marched to Lithia Park to bring awareness to their goal of bringing what they say is sensible gun control to the … Continue reading »