Wine Growlers Get a Second Chance

APPLEGATE, Ore. — Oregon merchants are now allowed to sell growlers to their customers again, and local wineries say this is good for the environment and their business. Whether local merchants could sell growlers has been up in the air for the past couple of months. While the Oregon Wine Growler law was passed a … Continue reading »

Wine Growlers Approved in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. — On Friday,¬†Oregon Senator Ron Wyden announced that the federal agency that regulates the sale of alcohol has agreed to rescind an order that would have blocked the sale of wine growlers in Oregon. In a letter to members of the Oregon delegation the administrator of the federal Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade … Continue reading »

Senate Says Cheers to Wine Growlers

SALEM, Ore. — A popular to-go container may expand it’s reach. The Oregon Senate raised a glass to the wine industry and it’s expansion into the growler. A unanimous vote approved wineries, restaurants and grocery stores to dispense wine in the consumer-supplied beverage containers. Growlers are glass bottles of up to two gallons. Bella Union … Continue reading »