Oregon’s “Electric Highway” Charging Up

April 23, 2012 By Bryan Navarro CENTAL POINT, Ore. — Nearly a million taxpayer dollars were spent building the electrified highway in Oregon, and on this Earth Day, we wanted to see if those dollars were being put to good use. The Central Point station went online on March 16; in the first 2 weeks, … Continue reading »

Ashland Business Banking On Solar Energy

April 9, 2012 By Yessenia Anderson ASHLAND, Ore. — The suns rays will power the products in a new local business and that solar power is available on the go. Solar Styles opened its door just this past Friday. The products can power things as large as a big screen TV and as small as … Continue reading »

Oregon Officials Propose More Electric Cars On Road

By Bryan Navarro April 20, 2011 MEDFORD, Ore. — As Earth Day approaches, Southern Oregon is going greener on the roads. State officials are in the region with a look at the future of plug-in cars in the state. Though a drain on wallets, traditional gas stations probably won’t become extinct anytime soon; however, officials … Continue reading »