Josephine County Faces Crime-Reporting Problems

By Sharon Ko GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Dozens of distressed residents are calling the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office and running into dead-ends. The Sheriff’s Office says it is getting up to 80 calls a day, but in most cases they are not able to help. The Sheriff’s Office says it’s getting by with what it … Continue reading »

Josephine County Sheriffs Office Rallying Records

By Yessenia Anderson GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The failure of a public safety levy decreased the number of deputies on the streets and now an overhaul to an empty records division is designed to streamline the paper work left behind. The Josephine County Sheriffs Office says they had actually been working on going paperless for … Continue reading »

Burglary Arrests In Josephine County

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Four people are arrested for a string of burglaries in Josephine County, and the investigation leads to another man who had just been released from jail because of budget cuts. But those financial problems mean just one of those suspects will be behind bars. Grants Pass Department of Public Safety arrested … Continue reading »

Josephine County Levy Vote Verified

By Ron Brown GRANTS PASS, Ore. — It has been almost three weeks since Josephine County voters turned down a public safety levy. The impacts from that vote are now beginning to be felt in Josephine County with mass jail releases and layoffs in all public safety departments. On Friday, elections officials verified the ballot … Continue reading »

Grants Pass Discuss Safety Concerns

By Yessenia Anderson GRANTS PASS, Ore. — In response to recent county cuts to law enforcement, city officials are now taking a look on how they can help keep their residents safe. Josephine County Sheriffs is now operating with only six deputies on patrol only five days a week. The Grants Pass City Council met … Continue reading »

Josephine County Sheriff Patrol Decrease

By Yessenia Anderson GRANTS PASS,Ore. — For almost 24 hours now Josephine County has been operating with only six sheriffs deputies on patrol. Those cuts were made Friday and are already spreading fear among residents. Without levy funding, the sheriff’s office was forced to decrease enforcement to just Sheriff Gil Gilbertson and three contract deputies. … Continue reading »

Josephine County Released Inmates Missing in Action

By Steven Sandberg GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Several inmates who were released from the Josephine County Jail have still not been found by corrections officers and officials say there may be no way to enforce their post-incarceration requirements. Officials say those men and women have not checked in with their scheduled work crews. Normally, if … Continue reading »

Josephine County Deputies Have Busy Weekend With Crime, Safety Awareness Day

By Yessenia Anderson & Erin Maxson GRANTS PASS,Ore. — Josephine County Sheriff Deputies, who were given pink slips last week, are dealing with a reported kidnapping and a reported shooting. Two friends, one 13-year-old girl and one 14-year-old girl, say they went for a walk on Lofland Lane at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. The … Continue reading »

Response Time Concerns In Wake of Josephine County Cuts

By Erin Maxson GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Soon, sheriff’s deputies won’t be the only emergency crews not responding in Josephine County. Severe cuts to the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office could also delay the response of firefighters and paramedics. With a drastic decrease in patrol deputies, from 25 to 4, with 3 of those contracted to … Continue reading »

Josephine County Sheriff’s Office Cut Deep

By Steven Sandberg GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A warning from the sheriff: law enforcement in Josephine County is about to change. Cuts are already being made to the sheriff’s office after a public safety levy fails in Tuesday’s election. Dozens of deputies and other employees have lost their jobs, and the sheriff says it’s only … Continue reading »

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