Education Impacts From Gov. Resignation

MEDFORD, Ore. — One of Governor Kitzhaber’s greatest priorities during his terms has been education. He has been a powerful voice for high graduation rates and their connection with early education. Just a few weeks ago he made a visit to Kids Unlimited Charter School in Medford, praising them for their efforts in helping underprivileged … Continue reading »

Al Densmore Offers Insight on Kitzhaber

  MEDFORD, Ore. — Political leaders aren’t the only ones responding to the governor’s resignation today. Al Densmore is a former mayor and former state representative. He stopped by KDRV to offers his insights into what is certainly a historic day for Oregon politics.

Gov. Has to Give Emails to Oregonian

SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Governor Kitzhaber has been ordered by the states Attorney General to hand over emails to the Oregonian. This will ultimately put more pressure on the couple, as the controversy that surrounds them grows. The Salem newspaper put in a request for the emails, which was then granted by the attorney general. … Continue reading »

Governor Recall Effort Gets Delayed

SALEM, Ore. – Outcry continues against Governor John Kitzhaber amid accusations against Oregon first lady Cylvia Hayes. Another group announced it wants Kitzhaber out of office — but it will be a while before anything can happen. Oregon’s Secretary of State says the Oregon constitution requires a six month waiting period from the time the person … Continue reading »

Oregonian Calls for Kitzhaber to Resign

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregonian is calling for Gov. John Kitzhaber to resign. This comes after the most recent allegations that Kitzhaber’s associates helped create jobs for the governor’s fiancée, Cylvia Hayes. In that article, it says Kitzhaber is “less a governor than a source of unending distraction” who can “no longer lead Oregon effectively … Continue reading »

Hayes Admits Consulting Fees

PORTLAND, Ore. — The investigation into the Governor’s fiancée continues. The EO Media Group is now reports that Cylvia Hayes was paid $118,000 over two year to work with a clean energy organization. The group reports at the same time, she was advising the Governor on similar topics. Hayes confirmed the work in an email … Continue reading »

Governor Supports Local Education Effort

MEDFORD, Ore. — Students file into a kindergarten classroom at Medford’s Kids Unlimited, as the teacher prepares to give a quick oral quiz. She slowly rotates a globe in front of the class as she as asks questions on their most recent curriculum, day and night cycles. “What causes nighttime as the earth spins?” asks … Continue reading »

Richardson Accuses Kitzhaber of “Hiding”

SALEM, Ore. — The Republican Candidate for governor this year, Dennis Richardson, is accusing the current Oregon Governor of hiding. Richardson says the Governor is hiding himself from the press and the public. Richardson called a news conference yesterday to demand that Governor Kitzhaber release public records that have been requested by news organizations. The … Continue reading »

Gov Kitzhaber Fully Supports Oracle Suit

SALEM, Ore. — In response to Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s civil suit against Oracle America, Governor Kitzhaber has announced he will full support the Attorney General. He released a statement August 22nd after the announcement of the lawsuit being filed.  This is the statement made by the Governor: “When I asked the Attorney General … Continue reading »

Governor Tours Oregon Gulch Fire

NEAR THE GREEN SPRINGS, Ore. – Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber toured the fire camp at Howard Prairie Lake and praised firefighters who have continued to gain ground on the Oregon Gulch Fire. “It’s important for me to just show the support for the hard working men and women who are actually doing the job here … Continue reading »

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