GMO Lawsuit May Be Filed Locally

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – Jackson County’s recently passed GMO ban may soon be debated in court. And according to people involved in that potential lawsuit, it would be filed on behalf of a Jackson County farmer. The Oregonians for Food and Shelter, a special interest group in Salem, confirms they are considering a lawsuit, and … Continue reading »

Activists Protest GMO “Dirty Money”

MEDFORD, Ore. – A wall of dollar bills stands outside the Jackson County Elections Office. It’s part of a Tuesday morning protest, using 800 bills representing the roughly $800,000 spent to stop a genetically modified crop ban. “This is what’s coming in right now to Jackson County via these big chemical companies,” said Elise Higley, … Continue reading »

GMO Free Coalition Warns Voters

MEDFORD, Ore. — Close to a dozen GMO free supporters gathered in front of the Jackson County election office Tuesday afternoon to warn people about the outside spending against ballot measure 15-119. If passed, this ballot measure would make Jackson County the only GMO free county in Oregon. Last week, out-of-state chemical giants including Monsanto, Syngenta, … Continue reading »

GMO Ballot Measure Draws Big Money

MEDFORD, Ore. – One house at a time, nearly 50 volunteers charge through Jackson County neighborhoods Saturday morning trying to spread the word. “We’re looking for assistance on the phone, we’re looking for assistance on the streets, we’re looking for stuff in envelopes, fliers, whatever it is,” said volunteer Mariska Pactwa. The canvassing is part … Continue reading »

County Preparing for Blowout Election

MEDFORD, Ore. – County elections officials say this year is shaping up to be a big election cycle thanks to duo of ballot measures that will have a direct impact on people’s wallets. For some, like Sherri Morgan, it could impact a lot more. “Our existence is at stake, I think,” says Morgan. Morgan, the … Continue reading »

GMO-Free Initiative Opens Second Office

ASHLAND, Ore. — In an effort to spread their message further, the GMO-free initiative is opening up a 2nd election office in Ashland. The new location is just off Highway 99. This comes after opening up their headquarters in downtown Medford last week.  Officials with Our Family Farm Coalition said these offices give people places … Continue reading »

Groups Speak Out Against GMOs

MEDFORD, Ore. – One week after southern Oregon fields containing genetically modified sugar beet crops were destroyed, citizens against GMOs discussed the issue of genetically altered food in Oregon. Dozens of people attended the meeting at the Medford Library, where speakers talked about the increase of GMO plants in the Rogue Valley, and possible effects … Continue reading »

GMO Crops Sabotaged in Jackson County

ASHLAND, Ore. – The F.B.I. is now investigating what it is calling “economic sabotage” after two plots of land growing genetically modified crops were destroyed in Jackson County. According to the F.B.I. someone went on to the farm land on the nights of June 8 and 11 and destroyed one thousand sugar beet plants in … Continue reading »

“The Future of Food” Screening

MEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon advocates against the use of genetically modified organisms in the food supply are hoping to educate people about the crops. Wednesday night, the group GMO-Free Jackson County is showing a movie it hopes will illuminate the dangers of introducing modified food into the agriculture in Jackson County. “We want to … Continue reading »

Jackson County Group Kicks Off Petition

PHOENIX, Ore. — Saturday, a Rogue Valley group that wants to make every farm in Jackson County free of genetically modified organisms began collecting signatures for their petition. GMO Free Jackson County is hoping to collect more than 6,000 signatures over the next few months in hopes of qualifying for the ballot in 2013. They … Continue reading »

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