High Gas Prices Impact Travel on the 4th

(CNN) — If you’re expecting to hit the road for the fourth of July, you should also be expecting higher gas prices than ever. According to Triple A, prices are expected to be at their highest level in six years. The current national average for gas is $3.67, compared to $3.48 on July 4, 2013. … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Rising After Iraq Violence

MEDFORD, Ore. —  The violence in Iraq is being felt here in the US right now as gas prices push higher at a time when they are supposed to decline. The time between memorial day and the 4th of July typically comes with lower gas prices, but this year that has not been the case. Nationally, … Continue reading »

Travelers May Get a Break in Gas Prices

(CNN) — The peak summer driving season is just weeks away, and already analysts have some good news. Analysts are reporting that family-road trips might get a little cheaper. If you’re planning on loading up the family SUV this summer for a trip, you may get a break on gas prices. Analysts are reporting they … Continue reading »

Slight Drop in Gas Prices Before Holiday

MEDFORD, Ore. – AAA is reporting mixed news for holiday drivers. Gas prices are down in Oregon compared to a week ago, but still higher than last year. Oregon is one of 36 states to see a drop in fuel prices from last week, but the extent of that drop is less than the national … Continue reading »

Relief at the Pump Soon to Come

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gas prices have been consistently rising daily for more than a month now, but AAA says relief at the pump is coming. After the worst February on record, AAA is predicting gas prices will begin to drop in the weeks ahead. Officials say the reason for the peak in prices at the … Continue reading »

Report Shows Pain At The Pump In 2012

MEDFORD, Ore.– A new report by AAA shows drivers were emptying their wallets to fill up their tanks like never before in 2012. “It affects my daily commute quite a bit because we commute 90 miles to work everyday. So we certainly spent a lot more last year than in previous years,” said Washington resident … Continue reading »