Gas Prices Falling

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gas prices have been dropping across the nation, and are expected to drop even more. The national average price for regular gas is down to $3.47 cents a gallon; that’s down more than 25 cents since late October. It is due in part to a combination of Superstorm Sandy cutting into demand … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Dropping Slightly

MEDFORD, Ore. — In Oregon, gas prices have been falling in recent weeks. West coast refineries got back up to speed, crude oil prices dropped and a seasonal trend led to less consumption and lower prices at the pump. Gas prices averages for Oregon and the Medford-Ashland area, are still above the national average Tuesday, … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Drop

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gas prices are beginning to drop in Southern Oregon, after going over four dollars per gallon in the past few weeks. Gas prices averages for the Medford-Ashland area are at $4.03, down a cent from Monday, and a full 10 cents cheaper than one week ago.Officials at the Medford branch of AAA … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Soar

The refinery fire in Northern California has already sent gas prices soaring and they could continue to rise over the next few days, by 25 cents or more, and will likely stick around until at least Labor Day. A large fire at the Chevron refinery in the San Francisco Bay Area has caused a shortage … Continue reading »