HealthWatch: Autism Garden

This is Lion Heart Gardens, a one-acre organic farm at the Lion Heart School, which helps children with autism and other communication challenges. Katherine Kennedy says, “Every single crop on this farm is grown by the kids in one way or another. It serves the general purpose of being a farm, but it’s also a … Continue reading »

In The Garden: Deadheading Plants

Medford, Ore. — Weeding is one way to clean up your garden and keep it looking clean, but another chore that needs to be done this time of year is deadheading. Deadheading involves removing spent blooms to promote new blossom growth on most perennials. OSU Extension Master Gardener Laurin Parker said the reasons for deadheading … Continue reading »

Drought-Resistant Gardens Paying Off

ASHLAND, Ore – The Ashland Public Works Department has signed up more than 40 homes in its lawn replacement program, as more homeowners attempt to cut down on water use during the current drought conditions. Ashland launched the program in June and reimburses homeowners who replace their traditional grass lawn with drought-resistant landscaping, including bark … Continue reading »

Central Point Garden Needs Help

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – An organization that works to grow fresh produce for people in need is getting a lot of attention. P. Annie’s Secret Garden is a non-profit group that relies on people to donate space in their backyards so volunteers can plant fruits and vegetables for the homeless, students, veterans, and anyone else … Continue reading »

Food Bank in Need of Donations

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Josephine County Food Bank is asking families to dig into their pockets and their garden to provide food for families in need. Information on ways to donate has been mailed out to Josephine County residents. Officials said the holidays are the peak time of year for canned food donations, but … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden: Cucumber Bugs

MEDFORD, Ore.– Cucumber bugs can decimate a garden, but there is a way to control them without pesticides. There are two varieties of these bugs, a stripe and a spotted cucumber beetle. These critters can eat your plants to the ground. One way to control them, is to use a woven cloth. By using a … Continue reading »

Dan’s Garden

For more information, consult the OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines: Jackson County: 541-776-7371 Josephine County: 541-476-6613 Klamath County: 541-883-7131 Curry County: 541-247-6672.

Dan’s Garden: Bugs in your Garden

MEDFORD, Ore. — After dark, you may notice little pests roaming around in your gardens. As Marsha explains, in order to prevent your crops from being damaged, it’s important to know what type of bug is doing the feeding before you purchase the right product. For more information, consult the OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines– Jackson … Continue reading »

Homeowners Happy for Spring Garden Fair

MEDFORD, Ore. — Homeowners looking forward to working in their garden can get a jump-start this weekend. Saturday and Sunday is the 34th annual Spring Garden Fair sponsored by the Jackson County Master Gardeners. There will be more than 150 vendors selling a variety of vegetable plants, flowers, seeds, and gardening tools. There will also be free … Continue reading »