Director Apologizes for “Let It Go”

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (CNN) – The director of the movie “Frozen” is apologizing to parents whose children just won’t “Let It Go.” In a recent interview, Jennifer lee told “The Hollywood Reporter” that when the film was released last year, parents would tell her how much their families love signing “Let It Go” and other … Continue reading »

Pipe Bursts at Retirement Community

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fire fighters headed to a Medford retirement community Monday evening after the main water pipe at the Veranda Park Retirement Community burst, flooding the first floor. Officials said a significant amount of water came out before crews could shut it off. The burst happened in the ceiling of the living room and … Continue reading »

Frigid Temperatures Threaten Pipes

MEDFORD, Ore. — With frigid temperatures settling in and ice forming on windshields overnight, garden hoses may out of sight and out of mind for homeowners. Something as simple as unscrewing the hose from the faucet during the winter could mean the difference in hundreds of dollars of plumbing repairs. Garden hoses are one of … Continue reading »