Ask the Meteorologist: How We Forecast

ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “How do you know what the weather will be like?” Mrs. Einck’s Kindergarten Class, Griffin Creek Elementary First things first, we start our forecasts with what is currently happening, looking at the past and present weather observations to get a good idea of what is currently happening with the weather.  We use … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Forecasting

ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “How long does it take you to gather the data for your weather forecast?” Cameron, Mae Richardson Elementary There is a short and long answer to this question.  The short answer is a couple of hours.  The long answer involves the steps we take and everything we utilize to put together our … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Forecasting

  ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “How can you estimate the amount of rain and snowfall we will receive from a storm?” Chase Tiffany, Ashland Middle School When putting a forecast together, meteorologists look at computer models. These models generate a forecast (that requires modification & many changes) based on the current conditions of our atmosphere. These … Continue reading »

How do you Forecast a Week Ahead?

“How do you predict the weather forecast that is a week ahead?” Alex Lopez Eagle Point Middle School Forecasting the weather is like deciding what you’re going to wear in the morning. You look outside or step outside to feel what it’s like. You start with current conditions, and that’s what we look at…temperature, wind, … Continue reading »