Local Hospital Lifts Flu Restrictions

MEDFORD, Ore. — Providence Health and Service Hospitals in Oregon are lifting visitor restrictions put in place this flu season. The restrictions were initially implemented on January 23rd 2014 after Providence Hospitals throughout the state saw an increase in flu patients. The organization diagnosed its first case in Southern Oregon this flu season just before Christmas. More information on … Continue reading »

Southern Oregon Prepares for the Flu

MEDFORD, Ore. — As we head into December, flu season is upon us. There have already been six cases in Oregon and medical facilities are prepping vaccines. Health experts say it typically takes two weeks for the flu vaccination to make your body immune to the virus. Last year, flu season started right after Thanksgiving … Continue reading »

Hospital Staff Preparing for Flu Season

MEDFORD, Ore.– Providence Medford Medical Center is gearing up their employees and volunteers for flu season. The official start to flu season was September 28th, but health experts say they haven’t seen any cases of the flu yet here. They said more employees are opting for the flu shot this year. Any staff members who do … Continue reading »

Flu Vaccination Recommended for Kids

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Flu shots are never fun for kids, but experts say, vaccination is still their best defense against getting sick. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all children ages six months and older get the flu vaccine. A nasal spray made with live influenza viruses is available, and because it contains a weakened … Continue reading »

Confusion With Cold and Flu Season

CLEVELAND, Ohio — With Fall right around the corner, many people can expect their allergies to start kicking back up and because the season collides with cold and flu season, it can be tough to tell which foe you’re fighting. Doctors say we are in the heart of ragweed allergy season. With mold allergy season … Continue reading »

H1N1 Flu Cases Increase

Medford, Ore. — We are seeing more cases of the flu nationwide, with an expected peak to the season still weeks away.  ABC’s Chief Health Editor, Dr. Richard Besser says activity has taken a major jump.  He says last week there were six states with widespread activity, now there are 20. Oregon is just one … Continue reading »

Flu Season Just Around the Corner

MEDFORD, Ore. – Jackson county public health is preparing for the start of flu season. While the height of flu season doesn’t hit until January or February, health officials say to plan ahead and get immunized. Everyone over six months old is advised to get vaccinated, particularly those underlying health conditions, pregnant women, and elderly … Continue reading »