Vanilla Ice Arrested for Home Burglary

Lantana, Fla. (CNN) — Rapper turned reality TV star Vanilla Ice is facing some real-life burglary charges. Ice – whose real name is Robert VanWinkle – currently renovates and flips homes for his TV show on the DIY network. According to police, VanWinkle was renovating a house in Lantana, Florida when he allegedly took part … Continue reading »

Police Witness 5 Year-Old’s Murder

ST. PETERSBURG, Flor. (CNN) — A five-year-old Florida girl is dead after her father allegedly tossed her off a bridge, and a policeman saw the whole thing. According to police, the officer was driving home early Thursday morning, when he says he saw John Nicholas Jonchuck Jr. speed past him. The officer said that’s when … Continue reading »

Shark Attack Prompts Drone Camera Use

(CNN) — Another shark attack on Sunday raises concerns off the coast of Florida. Not long after a shark bit a 13-year old girl, an aerial drone camera appeared to show shadows in the water around surfers and swimmers. It’s not clear exactly what was in the water, but several times the camera caught rogue … Continue reading »

Family Loses Thousands on Disney Scam

MEDFORD, Ore. — The happiest place on earth turns into a nightmare for one Southern Oregon family. The Johnson family planned a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. A family friend referred a travel agent named Eric Parker. The friend used Parker for several legitimate trips in the past. The family saved up money for the next several months and even sold … Continue reading »